Top 10 Best Free VST Plugins 2020.

In this list, I bring you some new free plugins you can download and use in your musical productions. This top 10 Best Free VST is a selection of some of the newest and most interesting plugins I could find these days. Enjoy!

Top Best Guitar VST Plugins (2019)

In this list you will find the collection of the best and newest guitar plugins and VSTs. You might discover interesting plugins like Amplitube4, Guitar Rig 5, TH-U and much more. If you are looking to expand the sound quality of your guitar riffs – this list is for you!

More VST Synthesizers!

The selection of the best VST synthesizers with plugins like Sylenth1, Xfer Serum, NI Massive, Nexus 2 and more … 1. Sylenth1 – LennarDigital Sylenth1 at first glance may seem like an ordinary synthesizer, but it’s actually one of the best plugins you’ll find. Although simple appearance has its own and powerful sound, in addition… Continue reading More VST Synthesizers!

Top Best VST Effects !

This list of  VST effects is ideal for mixing and mastering . Includes: algorithmic reverbs, saturators, amplifiers, limiter samplers, filters and equalizers.

Top 9 VST Synthesizers!

Here I bring you this list of the top 9 best VST synthesizers that can modulate their own sound and emulate different synths already known. Some of these plugins that I found recently are little known but undoubtedly worth it if you are looking for original and unique sounds.

Top 20 Best VST with natural sound!

Top 20 best  music plugins and virtual instruments (VST) with natural sound . From pianos like Native Instruments Akoustik Piano to gigantic Vienna Symphonic Library and East West Symhonic Orchestra Platinum of 138 GB. If it sounds like a real instrument or at least  tries to – it will be on this list!

Top Best Free VST Drums and Drum Kits!

In this list you can find top best free VST drums and  drum samplers. A  perfect selection of plugins for your musical productions of EDM, House, Trap, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock or Metal.

Top Best Free Orchestral VST Plugins!

  In this list you can find top best free orchestra plugins and VST. This selection is perfect for anyone taking his first steps in the world of soundtrack productions or orchestral arrangements.