About Me


Hello! My name is Anthony and I’ve been composing and producing all kinds of music for more than 10 years:¬† soundtracks, pop, rock and electronic music. Throughout the years I participated and won several musical contests, recorded a few albums and demos, toured Europe and worked on soundtracks for videogames, short films, YouTube channels and podcasts.

Everything started with the first piano lessons in my childhood, and little by little my interest for music was growing as i went learning to play different intruments and musical styles. After years of rehearsals and concerts with different rock and metal bands РI am interested in electronic music and production with musical plugins from home. I have to admit that producing music from home is the most liberating Рyou can create what you want, when you want and how you want Рand the only limits are what you put on, which gives you a lot of room to improve. Since then for me everything was a question of looking for new sounds and synths, experimenting with them, listening to different artists  Рand maintaining my level of creativity in this way Рnever getting tired of music and always finding new ideas.

This blog – is my small contribution to the world of plugins and VSTs reviews – that has given me so much over these years.