More VST Synthesizers!

The selection of the best VST synthesizers with plugins like Sylenth1, Xfer Serum, NI Massive, Nexus 2 and more …

Sylenth1 at first glance may seem like an ordinary synthesizer, but it’s actually one of the best plugins you’ll find. Although simple appearance has its own and powerful sound, in addition to four oscillators and several channels. Over the years Sylenth1 has become an essential tool in the collections of all contemporary composers.

2.  Omnisphere 2 – Spectrasonics

Resultado de imagen de Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2
Omnisphere 2 positioned itself as a complex professional plugin, but the functionality also made it one of the best. Due to its huge library of sounds, it gives you the opportunity to create a soft or powerful sound. The sales and the availability of the synthesizer until today occupy the first place over the new plugins advertised. There are many different updates, complementing their appearance and internal library.


With a first look at the options, it becomes obvious that Serum is one of the most unique tools in the world at this type. The oscillators sound cleaner and brighter than we used to hear in classic plugins. This plugin brings us realtime wavetable manipulation option and high-quality filters. You can also import your own custom sounds.

4. Massive –Native Instruments

Resultado de imagen de Native Instruments Massive
Each year, Native Instruments produces a large number of products, including virtual instruments, but it also does not abandon its old synthesizers, but continues to support and update them. Massive is a powerful synthesizer that has its years, but it is preserved as a good wine. The interface is simple enough to create your own interesting sounds in a few minutes or lose you in its 600 presets. A mandatory plugin for electronic production.

5.  Spire – Revelar SoundResultado de imagen de Reveal Sound Spire

Spire sounds amazing and is capable of creating everything from blatant harmonic timbres to crystal clear tones. With 4x multimode polymorphing oscillators –  9x unison voices on each oscillator, 2x multimode filters with analog and digital types of filtering and over 900 presets, this synthesizer is one of the best plugins you could find.

6. Nexus 2 – reFX

Resultado de imagen de Refx Nexus 2
We could not ignore this mythical plugin. Nexus2 has been famous for a long time and serves as the main synthesizer for broadcasting (giving a dense and rich sound). The settings and effects can be changed with the integrated effects section and a library that is replenished quite often. A great classic for anyone interested in synthesizers.