Top 10 Best Free VST Plugins 2020.

In this list, I bring you some new free plugins you can download and use in your musical productions. This top 10 Best Free VST is a selection of some of the newest and most interesting plugins I could find these days. Enjoy!

Piano One – Sound Magic

This VST is an emulation of the Yamaha C7 concert grand keyboard. The sound is very high quality and natural. This plugin is perfect for Jazz , Blues, and for cinematic productions. Piano One has some limited features for the free version – but it still sounds pretty amazing for a free plugin . Giving away this powerful instrument – Sound Magic’s hope is to bring more artists to try and buy their other high-quality software.

TyrellN6   –   U-he

TyrellN6 – is a classic-sounding synth with few modules , novel features, and vintage/ analogue sounding modulation. With 2 oscillators , 2 LFOs ( with 8 waveforms ) and around 580 presets, this VST is a powerful tool for electronic and synth-wave production. Above all, this is a free VST , and with all those presets and quite customizable controls – you can create your own unique and personal sound .

Oberom – Sample Science

 Oberom is a plugin that imitates the classic analog polysynths. Created by Sample Science – this software is now free. As a result of a great but simple design , this plugin is easy to use. Oberom has different features , such as  2-pole dual filters and 16 vintage sounds, including several controls , such as an attack, decay and sustain .Therefore it is quite useful for synth-wave , vaporwave and other 80s inspired electronic music.

Drum Pro – StudioLinked

 Drum Pro is drum rompler with sounds inspired by vintage beat boxes. In addition to 20 drum kits , ADSR / Reverb and 12 pads – this free VST brings a higher quality sounds and samples for you to explore. Drum Pro is perfect for Hip-Hop , Rap and Trap music , but could be also used in many other genres if you need powerful and groovy drum sets.

Synthetic Vortices – Sample Science


Synthetic Vortices is a free VST created by Sample Science with great selection of ambient samples. Every sample is looped seamlessly using Sfz mapping . This unique plugin brings a big library of 80 different sounds . Beautiful but simple design and several controls like attack , decay , sustain  and release , makes this synth a great addition to music producers .

SQ8ROM – Sample Science

SQ8ROM is a free plugin that emulates Ensoniq SQ80 synthesizer. In addition to 50 basic sounds ( you can download a free expansion for a total of 168 sounds ), amplitude ADSR , Reverb and Multi-LFO , this plugin brings us this vintage sound , perfect for vaporwave , synthwave and possible 8-bits and 16-bits chiptunes.

Sinnah – NUSofting

Sinnah is an interesting ambient synth based on a single complex oscillator. This unique VST has five waveshapes to choose from, with their own noise , harmonics and delay levels. This plugin uses a resonant delay network to wrap the sound in this high quality envelope. In conclusion : this VST is a great tool for any production , bringing you a unique set of soundscapes.

K1Ks – Krakli

K1Ks is a free VST created by Krakli ,that takes pride in its analogue and vintage inspirations. Firstly , this plugin gives us 3 powerful oscillators you can twitch and create your own sounds with. Secondly , the great selection of effects like chorus and flanger , as well as LFO ( 3 types ) options will give you enough options to try. Finally , and most importantly , this synth emulates the sound of the famous Stranger Things series , therefore it is perfect for 80s sound genres.


 Surge is a free and open-source plugin with this interesting subtractive hybrid method for synthesis of their sounds. In particular i could praise the infinite possibilities of the controls and option you have with this synth. Surge has 1010 patches with 183 wavetables to use. Also i could talk about the oscillators of this plugin ( 3 per voice) , especially the selection of algorithms , such as Classic , Sine , Wavetable , Window , FM2 , FM3 ,S7H Noise and Audio input. Moreover , this free VST has 12 LFO and 8 effects to choose from , like Delay, Reverb, Chorus , Phaser ,EQ ,Distortion , Rotary speaker, and Vocoder.

In conclusion , Surge is a great synth and a perfect fit for a musician who needs a personal and highly customizable software for their music.

Komplete Start Bundle – Native Instruments

Komplete Start Bundle from Native Instruments is an another must-have for every aspiring music producer. In addition to a great selection of high quality instruments and effects ( 18 in total ) , this bundle is very easy to use with any midi device. And as always with Native Instruments , all this bundle is wrapped up with a high quality samples and a great variety of presets to use in your musical production of any kind.

Bonus Plugin:

Kee Bass – Martinic

This plugin created by Martinic is an emulation of a early mono bass synth Rheem Kee Bass . With this groovy 60s sound and several options for modulation , filter and Bright-Mellow , Kee Bass is a great addition to any vintage sound. I personally like the design and the visual presentation of this software , that feels like a true vintage machine from the 60s.