Top 20 Best VST with natural sound!

Top 20 best  music plugins and virtual instruments (VST) with natural sound . From pianos like Native Instruments Akoustik Piano to gigantic Vienna Symphonic Library and East West Symhonic Orchestra Platinum of 138 GB. If it sounds like a real instrument or at least  tries to – it will be on this list!

Pianos :

Synthogy Ivory Grand Piano (40Gb)


Includes samples of the most expensive grand pianos: Bosendorfer 290 Imperial Grand, German Steinway D Concert Grand, and Yamaha C7FT Studio Grand. Professional and clean sound perfect for any high quality music productions.

Synthogy Ivory Italian Grand (18Gb)

Ivory is a virtual grand piano based on large sample libraries. The instrument, created by Synthogy with the participation of renowned sound pianist Joe Ierardi, includes more than 2000 samples that transmit all the nuances of classical piano sound.

Steinberg The Grand 2 (3,5Gb)

The Grand 2 virtual piano is a modernized version of the “Grand” tool, based on the audio core of the HALion 3 virtual sample. The new version adds samples of the second concert grand piano (including key noise, pedal and hammer sounds) ), support for four-channel surround sound), as well as a series of functions that increase the efficiency of CPU usage.

Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano (6Gb)

Virtual Grand Piano is a sample version of the 1960 Hamburg Steinway “B” Concert Grand Piano. To provide more realism in the sound of the piano, the library contains two variants of the recording: study (clean) and recording of the piano in the current concert hall. All presets are divided into 4 groups according to speed.  Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano has more than 200 presets, including emulation of piano sound in different styles from the 1950s to 2005. With the help of presets, you can change the different colors of the sound, characteristic, for example , for classical style, pop, jazz, gospel, etc.

Native Instruments Akoustik Piano (7Gb)

The AKOUSTIK PIANO piano emulator is an excellent addition to studios, rehearsal venues, stages and clubs. This plugin  is a new standard for high quality sound, with an unprecedented authenticity that embodies the fullness and sensuality of the original. In the process of recording the original grand pianos, the latest recording technologies and specially designed microphones were used. This results in a surprisingly smooth, transparent and flexible sound that transmits the details of all the unique characteristics of each piano individually and can be adjusted as needed.

EastWest Boesendorfer 290 Piano (3Gb)


Acoustic grand piano samples Boesendorfer 290 from EastWest and PMI. An unusual and interesting sound. Boesendorfer 290 has plenty of clean power with a full-range dual-speaker system for transparent sound. This plugin that is a “must have” in the library of any arranger.

Native Instruments Elektrik Piano (2Gb)

A virtual instrument that emulates the sound of four classic vintage electric pianos on a disc. The ELEKTRIK PIANO emulator combines the most outstanding electronic pianos of all time in a virtual instrument that modulates in detail the sound of Fender Rhodes MK I ™ and MK II ™, Hohner Clavinet E7 ™ and Wurlitzer A 200 ™. With the help of ELEKTRIK PIANO, you can recreate the lost sound of these classic vintage instruments to  using a computer or laptop.

Best Service Galaxy II (30.41 GB)

The library consists of three classic pianos: BOESENDORFER IMPERIAL 290, 1929 GERMAN BABY GRAND based on BLÜTHNER 150 and Steinway D 270.

* Bosendorfer – 96 keys

* 1929 GERMAN BABY – vintage piano with a pleasant soft sound

* Steinway D – STEREO and 5.1

* More than 6,000 samples in 24 bits.

Bass :

Scarbee J-Slap’n Fingered (2Gb)


A really impressive sound library for HALIon and NI Kontakt that emulates a classic 77 ‘Jazz Bass. The Celinder J Update 4 tool was recorded without any use of EQ, tube saturation or compression. 2039 samples are taken from each of the bass pickups positions and in total weighs approximately 2 GB. This library contains hammer-on, pull-off, grace-note, staccato-release or slide and other elements of the techniques of the bass player. (1 DVD)

Virtual Orchestras :

East West Quantum Leap Symhonic Orchestra Platinum Pro XP (138 GB)

A lot of samples, sound options, instruments. Good recording quality ,  amazing realism and many options make this plugin a special one. And yes, the size justifies itself 100%. By the way, there are sets of instruments of any size, for example, violins: 18 violins, 11 violins, 4 violins, violin solo. The solo instruments are very good, “clean” and bright.

Vienna Symphonic Library (de 120 hasta ~320 GB)

An excellent library, many tools and great sound quality. This plugin is one of the most used plugins for orchestration , you can hear it in many videogames and some movies. But an unmistakable drawback: this library has many different sets, and it is very difficult to find a complete and irreproachable one. Well, in addition to resources: it can be used comfortably only if there is a group of 5-6 workstations in 64 bits with a large amount of RAM. But if you need a unique flexibility, this is for you.

East West Quantum Leap Symhonic Orchestra Gold Pro XP (35 GB)

The quality is not so bad comparing to Platinum, there are only  fewer options for sound and less realism,  but overall same feel. For whom size is important, an ideal option.

Kirk Hunter Symphony Orchestra Emerald (~12 GB)

Excellent combination of size and quality. Kirk Hunter introduced two interesting functions: Round Robin and LegatoLive (makes realistic legato possible). Very good quality and sample rates.

Native Instruments Kontakt 3 Library Orchestral (14 GB)

This library is based on a severely restricted Vienna Symphony. Consequently, the sound is good, but few instruments. Suitable for those who do not want to go beyond the most common but clean orchestral sound.

Garritan Personal Orchestra (2.35 GB)

This simple but good sounding plugin is a good option for anyone with low budget.Of course, you will not get realistic sound from it, and the timbres are quite simple. But for sample arrangements and mockup use is ideal.

East West Quantum Leap Symhonic Orchestra Silver (2.6 GB)

This plugin is a low budget version of the East West Quantum Leap Orchestra . Almost the same as Garritan, only that the sound is quite flat. But the compact motor is better (more flexible).

IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik (7Gb)

An excellent library of orchestral instruments, second only to the massive East West products. Philharmonik 2 gives you a over 58GB sound library with over 2,700 instruments sampled in  high-definition audio. Every instrument can be used in section or as solo standalone.

Virtual Guitars :

Prominy LPC Electric Clean Guitar (6.61 GB)

Sound Company Prominy has released a new guitar plugin for a Kontakt2 sample library, reproducing the sound of the legendary Gibson Les Paul guitar. The library is recognized as the best by almost all major world magazines. They have sampled absolutely all the tricks in the industry: individual notes, chords 5 strings, chords 4-string, muted, octave, vibrato sound in different tunings and effects; a lot of legatos: from semitone to octave; Several chords played by a blow up and down: major, minor, seventh, ninth and others.