Top 20 High Quality VST Plugins!

Top 20 virtual instruments and high-quality plugins, such as Oddity, Trilian, Absynth, Omnisphere and more!

20. Audiodamage – Phosphor 2.WIN.OSX

Years ago this plugin was considered a very peculiar and interesting instrument, and it continues being it until our days. It has two oscillators, each one is formed by a series of sinusoidal waves in multiples of the main frequency – partial or harmonic. At the end of the chain, you have a stereo delay that has a filter for the highs/lows for the left and right channels.



19. GForce – The Oddity 2.WIN.OSX 


GForce together with Arturia is known for their high-quality emulation of vintage synths. This VST is based on ARP Odyssey, which was produced between 1971 and 1976, which was used by Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Herbie Hancock and later by Portishead. At the same time, Oddity 2 is a first-class emulation of this synthesizer. Its virtual nature offers a series of advantages, for example, the combination of different preset settings, which as a result can give really interesting results.

18. Gforce – Minimonsta. WIN.OSX

If one seeks to emulate classic synthesizers, it has two options – a faithful reproduction of the original that is written in conformity with the possibilities of the hardware or build an analog copy and add some functions that are not typical of the original model, but doing that the result is more interesting. In the case of Minimonsta, Gforce took the second road. Basically, it is a Minimoog but with Monsta mode, which has the option of assigning an LFO to almost any parameter. Thanks to Ohm Force’s Melohman technology, you can move between 12 presets without problems. In the end we get a virtual instrument with a vintage character, but with modern features.

17. Spectrasonics – Trilian. WIN.OSX 

Trilian – is a high-quality bass sampler created by Spectrasonics. The 34 GB library contains samples of acoustic and electronic basses, each preset consists of two layers (secondary presets), up to 8 presets can be organized in groups. If you have Trilian, it’s hard to imagine yourself looking for more virtual basses.

16.FabFilter- Twin 2. WIN.OSX 

The Twin 2 has three oscillators, 4 filters with wide options and a very clear and easy to use modulation system. All this is packaged in an ergonomic interface. This synthesizer is very exciting to use and program, and with a purely sonic vision. Perfect virtual instrument for EDM, House, Hip Hop and more electronic related genres.

15. Native Instruments – FM8. WIN.OSX 

 All those who used synthesizers in the ’82s are familiar with the Yamaha DX7, which was the FM synthesizer that everyone wanted to have. The same FM8, which emulates the Yamaha DX7, is also a legend. Not only does it sound great, but a very laborious process like frequency modulation is carried out in a very logical and clear way. You can achieve a lot even in Easy mode. But for those who want to go deeper, there is the Expert mode.

14. Sonic Charge – Synplant. WIN.OSX 


If the competition for the most original synthesizer was announced, Synplant would surely have won.

It was created by a man who made Malstrom as part of Reason.

The Synplant works with a tonic head – and many branches that grow from it. The resulting sounds of this synthesizer are very organic.

Quite unique and interesting virtual instrument for anyone who wants something different and original.

13. Cakewalk – Z3TA + 2. Win. 

It was clear that Z3TA + was in a dead end until the second version was launched in 2011. On the one hand, the interface has undergone a total reworking, on the other, the synthesis architecture has not changed at all. But despite this quality of sound of great quality, as befits a modern synth, especially with the capabilities of the second version, for example, working with oscillators and establishing double anti-aliasing by default.

12. Rob Papen Albino 3. WIN.OSX 



The Albino 3 semi base synthesizer was assembled by LinPlug according to the specifications of the famous sound of the designer Rob Papen.

All its functions come with a unique interaction with each other. Here you will find 4 oscillators, each of the patches can have up to 4 layers, this makes it possible to create powerful epic sounds.

Onboard there is a hard filter, and the modulation options are extremely extensive. In the kit come 2,100 presets of Rob Papen, but you will get more from this unit if you start creating your sounds.

11. FXpansion – DCAM: Synth Squad. WIN.OSX 

Suddenly FXpansion took a long time to enter the virtual synthesizer market, but when they did, they debuted with three plugins (plus the add-on to combine and add effects).

DCAM Synth Squad contains: Strobe is the simplest of the three DCAM instruments. Think of SH101, OB1 or Pro One: your classic monophonic single-oscillator synthesizers.

Strobe offers a synthesis structure very similar to the SH101: a single oscillator with saw, square and noise as waveforms.

Cypher is a virtual analog synthesizer with three oscillators. His specific intent is to model synthesizers that were capable of analog-style FM and audio frequency modulation, such as Roland’s Jupiter 8, but with the precision and flexibility of a digital instrument.

Amber emulates the string synthesizers of the 70s and 80s as Roland RS505 and ARP Omnis. With a polyphony of 96 notes and two sections – Synth and Ensemble is a powerful tool with a vintage sound.

10. Native Instruments – Absynth. WIN.OSX 

This synthesizer is traditionally a serious tool in the designer’s sound arsenal, while at the same time in the masses it is perceived as misunderstood and confusing. And in the last fifth version, nothing broke this stereotype.

With new effects and filters, it became possible to create more complex sounds, and the Mutator module allows you to mix different presets into something completely original. But the interface is still terrifyingly complicated.

Although the sound quality is excellent.

9. GForce – impOSCar 2. WIN.OSX 

GForce has launched IMPOSCAR as a virtual analog of the OSCAR Oxford Synthesizer synthesizer firm in 2003. It was the same as its true analog brother, but with an additional section of polyphony and effects.

Thanks to a combination of user feedback and the original ideas of the GForce engineers, a second, much-improved version was launched. Musically, it is one step more than the original, with many interesting features like the unison mode.

All this makes IMPOSCAR 2 not only an excellent emulation but also just a high-end synthesizer.

8. reFX – Nexus2. WIN.OSX 

Nexus is not as multifunctional as the synthesizers discussed in this post. Many users may say that this is not a synthesizer in the classical sense, but if you have a need to have great sounds out of the box, then here it is difficult to make a mistake.

This virtual instrument was originally sharpened for use in modern electronic music (trance, house, etc.). The mixing window can customize individual layers (each preset can have up to 4 layers).

7. u-he – ACE. WIN.OSX 

The name comes from Any Cable Anywhere: you can connect any cable anywhere. ACE is a semi-modular synthesizer, in which there is no difference between audio signals and a modulation source.

This provides you with a truly inexhaustible resource of flexibility with the creation of presets. All modules are initially connected as standard, but you can reconfigure everything for you.

ACE is not too accessible, for example, it loads the processor a lot, but anyway it is 7 in our rating. Why? Because it still sounds incredibly analog at this price.

6. Camel Audio – Alchemy. WIN.OSX 


At first, it may seem that it is a rompler since it contains many presets based on samples that can be modified by the synthesis engine and the built-in effects.

However, it is a great advantage with the fact that Alchemy has the ability to import their samples, which can be processed by additive, spectral and granular methods.

The possibilities of sound formation here are huge, but many factory presets do not reveal the power of this synthesizer.

5. Native Instruments – Reactor 5. WIN.OSX 

How to describe Reactor?

The best definition is a multiplatform audio design plugin, in which you can create your own synthesizers, samplers and effects, connecting different modules.

A great plugin for any music production with great customization and presets.

4. Native Instruments – Massive. WIN.OSX 

Massive is a hybrid plugin that combines ideas from different products in this segment of the market.

This virtual instrument can create everything from simple analog sounds to textures and long and complex mattresses. At the same time, it is designed for easy use and understanding.

You have to be careful not to get lost among the 600 factory presets, but if you make an effort to modify and adjust different options – you can get interesting sounds of great quality.

3. LennarDigital – Sylenth1. WIN.OSX 


Sylenth1 is one of the most popular plugins on the market. It looks like all other emulated analog synthesizers – 4 standard oscillators, several filters and a simple mixer, but it sounds simply outstanding.

Its sound is rich, saturated, warm. Unlike many factories presets in other synthesizers, which do not express the fraction of possibilities, the factory bench of Sylenth1 is simply excellent.

Great selection of sounds, some in the style of TB-303 and Minimoog.

Sylenth1 is a synthesizer, that any artist interested in electronic music and synthesizers should try.

2. u-he – Zebra 2. WIN.OSX 

Zebra2 is a virtual instrument that works as a playground for sound design and tone creation.

A powerful high-quality sound engine (but well optimized for your CPU) along with numerous sound sculpting tools make Zebra2 capable of an almost unlimited range of new sounds and textures.

A favorite among soundtrack composers, producers and sound designers, Zebra2 is a solid plugin with its own sound and great quality.

1. Spectrasonics – Omnisphere. WIN.OSX 

How to describe Omnisphere? Spectrasonics simply says that this is a “powerful synth”, and this is true.

Based on the exclusive STEAM engine Omnisphere comes with a 50GB colossal library. And here there is no ordinary material.

All Omnispheres presets are completely original, with different modulators, arpeggiators and incredible effects. Omnisphere has exceeded the limits of virtual instruments.

However, you need a powerful computer with lots of RAM to enjoy Omnisphere.