Top 9 VST Synthesizers!

Here I bring you this list of the top 9 best VST synthesizers that can modulate their own sound and emulate different synths already known. Some of these plugins that I found recently are little known but undoubtedly worth it if you are looking for original and unique sounds.

PX Apollo – UVI

Apollo was created by UVI to emulate the sound of Moog Apollo.The difficulty of creating this tool was that to recreate the algorithms, the developers had to repair one of the devices of the 70s. Each key was sampled in several configurations creating the library of over 4,000 samples and over 150 patches ready to use. Apollo brings its own effects including 3 oscillators, envelope generators, high-quality filters, pitch and stereo controls and per-oscillator modulation and arpeggiation. This  plugin has a polyphonic 71-voice architecture and interface similar to the original Moog synthesizer.


Chromaphone 2  – Applied Acoustics Systems

Chromaphone 2 is a versatile instrument that generates drums, percussion and strings. It is expressive enough to offer a wide range of tones and sounds. You can select the desired sound from more than 600 presets ready to use in 19 categories. If you already have a Chromaphone 1, you can copy your presets and switch to Chromaphone 2.

This unique plugin is commpatible with Windows and Mac OS X – 32 / 64 Bits – VST – RTAS – AU -AAX Native – NKS – Standalone –



Nitroflex 2 – Synthblitz

“The original idea appeared in 2012. We started to develop a program that could recreate the old-school analog sound for electronic music, which limits the synthesizer in styles and is suitable for House and Techno music producers. , most of the presets are created in these tones ” This synths  has 1200 presets, which undoubtedly deserves respect! Nitroflex 2 brings you 7 envelopes, 3 LFO filters, and multiple effects and filters.

Analog Lab 2 – Arturia

Analog Lab 2 is a powerful sound design tool. This synthesizer offers everything you need for creativity and inspiration. You will have access to more than 5000 presets and 17 classic devices. All of them are genuine. These include: ARP 2600, B3, CS-80, Farfisa, Jup-8, Matrix 12, Mini, Modular, Prophet, Prophet VS, SEM, Solina, Stage, Synclavier, Piano, Vox and Wurli.



Factory – Sugar Bytes

Sugar Bytes is a company that for many years has provided us some really fun and unique plugins, such as Cyclop, Effectrix and Turnado. Factory is a modular synthesizer whose quality is pleasantly surprising. This plugin brings 2 oscillators for every 10 instruments in its library. Also includes Looping Envelopes, Oneshot LFOs, bipolar sequencers, Sample +  and high quality articulation system with Organic pitch envelopes, slight fluctuation of tone, pitch-quantizing with a fine blend of scales. Factory is a great VST with a lot of customization and great sounds for you to use.


Icarus – Tone2

A very interesting plugin made by Tone2. Inside this VST there are filters and features that can be used with ease in electronic music. This tool is not a recreation of any analog equipment, but it has a quite original and quality sound of their own. This plugin also includes built-in vocoder, the largest collection of high-end filters , a properly working resynthesis function , speech synthesis, the most advanced Wavetable-editor , time stretching and BPM sync and a quite powrfull oscilator . Icarus brings us this huge collection of 1034 production-ready sounds  created by professional designers.



FORM – Native Instruments

This interesting plugin , created by Native Instruments ,  is a highly versatile sample-tracking synthesizer . The library of Form brings us more than 200 sounds and presets. With simple interface but multiple oscilator and modulation option  – makes this VST a great tool to enchance your music.




The Legend – Synapse Audio

The developers have tried to transfer all the warmth and capabilities of analog devices to experienced composers. It has the ability to mix sounds and send all kinds of filters to channels.The interface is nice and easy with analog look. 8x Oversampled engine and Vectorized core with Unison, Mono and four-voice Polyphony modes  and 480 patches are included . A great VST for anyone who looks for unique and customizable sounds.


Synth Anthology 2 – UVI

An amazing collection that is cleverly programmed in a single VST plugin. Synth Anthology provides a clean and powerful sound with 77 instruments. You’ll find everything from classics like Oberheim Xpander and Jupiter to modern ones like OB-6, Prophet 6 and Minilogue.