Top Best Free VST Drums and Drum Kits!

In this list you can find top best free VST drums and  drum samplers. A  perfect selection of plugins for your musical productions of EDM, House, Trap, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock or Metal.

SM MegaReaper Drumkit  – SMM

SM MegaReaper Drumkit – is an incredible library of drum samples , inspired by the drum sets of the 80 (like the ludwig of Blue Oyster Cult), with a vintage sound .Created by Scott McLean, aka SMM, this plugin has 127 speed samples that were recorded with 4 microphones (one up, one down and two left / right doing stereo), all in a 1.9 G library that you can download right now! This library is designed for use in Reaper, but you can mount the wav files in any sampler.

For Reaper

Melda MDrummer Small – Virtual Drummer

Melda MDrummer Small

MDrummer Small – is a free version of the MDrummer, but it’s still a pretty complete plugin: with more than 30 drum sets, 400 components like crashes, hi hats,rides,  200 samples and more than 2,500 loops – all this weighing 500MB With the Load & Join mode you can mix two or more loops to create new rhythms or you can get carried away with the Generate or Generate Effects random mode to generate effects randomly. It also brings us  a simple sequencer that allows you to edit the different loops and rhythms in the context of the song.

In summary , MDrummer Small is an excellent plugin, with a great variety of loops and rhythms, perfect for Hip-Hop productions, electronic and rock, and anyone looking for a decent sound without spending hundreds of dollars.

 Beatfactory Drums – Beatskillz

Beatfactory Drums – is a battery plugin with 10 different kits (808, Trap, 80s, Dubstep, Indian and Sample kits). Each pad can be edited with attack, sustain, decay and release controls, in addition to an individual pan and reverb. This plugin was created using the MPC 2500, passing it through an EQ, compressors, valve amplifiers and more post-processors to get this sound a bit dark and with a lot of punch.

Free VST Plugins

GTG DPC 3 – by GTG

GTG DPC 3 – it’s a pretty simple drumpad. It has controls for panning, tuning and individual reverb in each channel. Created by GTG – they also created a few interesting synths that you can see and download on their page. The GTG DPC 3 comes with an interesting design and is quite simple to use in your productions of EDM, Hip Hop or Trap.


DrumTroop – Dub Turbo

DrumTroop – is a drum rompler that comes with 20 different kits. Its 128 samples per pad, pan, release and attack in each, make it a perfect toy for any lover of EDM, house or dubstep.

MT Power Drum Kit 2

MT Power Drum Kit 2 – is a drum VST with a clean and realistic sound. A processing system with compressors and equalizers gets a perfect mix for any mix, pop, rock or metal. It comes with a library of rhythms or grooves, that with a system of fills (fillings ) will help you to create your own rhythms. All the samples have several speeds and everything is recorded with high quality microphones, which gets a pretty refined and natural sound.

Rupture – by Dopekitz

This virtual instrument has 16 tracks and five kits (West Coast, Tribeca, Ever 1da, Crunk’d and Danger Drumz), but you can also use it as a sampler and create your own kits. It comes with the paneling on each track and a reverb. Simple to use and with a sound powerful enough for any production of hip hop or trap.

Drum Pro by StudioLinked

Drum Pro by StudioLinked

Drum Pro – is a virtual electronic drum VST with 20 different Kits. The plugin provides 16 drum pads, each with its volume and panned, ready to use with a midi keyboard. With a characteristic sound, a bass drum, warm and powerful, this VST is perfect for Trap, Hip-Hop and EDM.

Drum Pro