Top Best plugins for FL Studio!

In this list I bring you a selection of the top best plugins and VST for FL Studio. Synthesizers, virtual instruments, basses and much more …


Poizone is a synthesizer designed to give you professional quality results with an interface where each button counts. This plugin comes with 2 oscillators and 3 waveforms: fat, bright Saw and Pulse Shapes.

With the polyphony of 16 voices, an octaver of 4 voices in unison, 3 filter cuts – low pass, band pass and high pass, a multi-mode arpeggiator, delay effect in stereo, a warm chorus, MIDI support and 385 High quality make this plugin one of the best you can use with FL Studio.




Harmless – is a synthesizer with subtractive synthesis (  synthesis method where the signal is generated by an oscillator and passed through a filter) where the harmonics are not filtered, . This may seem like a detail, but this system offers many more opportunities. This plugin also offers features that are typically unique to these types of synths – like the automatable harmonic mask.

Harmless also comes with effects, such as chorus, delay and reverb, but also a multi-band compressor / limiter.




Sytrus is a hybrid synth with subtractive syntheisis, FM and RM, all in a single plugin. With  6 Operators that can act as oscillators for the subtractive synthesis and also to modulate the FM (Frenquency Modulation) and the RM (Ring Modulation). This versatile plugin comes with 3 interconnectables parametric filters, a processor of distortion, and with a Chorus, Delay and additional Reverbs.

Also this plugins has an interesting and varied selection of presets like: Arps, Bass, Bell, Brass, Chromatics, Drum, DX7, Experimental, FX, Guitar, Orchestral, Organ, Pad, Percussion, Piano, Plucked, Sequence, Synth, String, Wind.


Harmor generates its sound with a powerful additive synthesis engine, but its modules will be familiar to the enthusiasts of subtractive synthesizers: oscillators, filters and phasers. These modules, since they are made by additive synthesis, offer more freedom.

This plugin also brings us Resynthesis or synthesis of images – that allows you to import an audio fragment and extend it in time or modify it (with preservation of formant and transient) at the same time that you convert it into an image and edit each partial individually.

Harmor also brings us distortion, chorus, delay and reverb, as well as the powerful Soundgoodizer based on the Maximus engine.

Transistor Bass

Transistor Bass is a subtractive synthesizer , inspired by the legendary Roland TB303 synthesizer. But it brings us settings not found in the original hardware, along with a distortion , FX and a modern sequencer for quick and easy editing. The sequencer comes with 128 programs but you can edit it, creating patterns with the mouse.

Among the Transistor Bass controls you can find the typical cutoff, resonance, envelope mod and decay, but you can also mix square and saw wave tables at the same time to create tones and sounds.


Sakura is defined as the virtual instrument for modeling and physical emulation of the strings. This curious instrument can emulate all kinds of sounds and articulations such as  single string, section of violins or a grand piano. But its particularity is in its tools and modulators that allow you to create your own sounds. Sakura’s modeling goes through 5 stages:

  • Contact: an impulse, the mechanical contact with the rope, is first generated and then formed to simulate  spikes, scratches, hammers or blows.
  • Vibration: Sakura’s double-string model gives the operator control over a wide range of parameters, such as damping, tension and positioning properties.
  • String interaction: the double strings are mixed and wrapped to simulate interactions.
  • Resonance: the vibration of the string interacts with a simulated body of 8 resonators to create the size, material and shape of the instrument
  • Acoustic: the virtual acoustic space is simulated with the effects of chorus, delay and reverb.


The Drumaxx brings you a total of 16 physically modeled drum pads that can be mixed with external effects. Drumaxx uses modeling algorithms to create bass, hi-hats, snares, realistic and electronic sounds. With its 130 drum kits, 900 drum patches and 200 drum patterns,  Drumaxx is a powerful, versatile and very comfortable tool for anyone who loves FL Studio.