What is VST?

What is VST?

VST ( Virtual Studio Technology ) was created by Steinberg ( https://www.steinberg.net/en/home.html ) to help music producers to create their own music from their home. VST is a software or a plugin that recreates or emulates an instrument – it could be a synthisizer , guitar amplifier , full orchestra and much more. It is used mostly throught DAWs ( Digital Audio Workstation) like Ableton Live , Logic Pro , FL Studio , REAPER , Reason and Cubase  , but some of this plugins could be use standalone too. This  format helped many composers and producers to enchance their music , as well as producing full tracks for a huge variety of music styles .  Along the years it was used with more frequency by professional producers untill it became a standart for anyone producing music digitaly . Here are some of the features:

Features :

  • Virtual Instrument Emulation and modulation

  • Analog like Interface

  • Full MIDI control and automatization

  • VST effects and MIDI effects

  • Compatible with almost all DAWs

  • Chain connection between plugins

There are more plugin formats rivaling with VST – like AU , RTAS  , AAX . If you want to know more about different plugins formats here you could learn more in an article i wrote this year.

Today the quality of the VST became so good – it is hard to distinquish between real recorded instruments and virtual  and you can hear many VST plugins in famous songs now.  Here are some examples :

The Salmon Song  – Chemical Brothers – VST used : Native Instruments Massive .Preset : Big Deeper

Adele – Hometown Glory (Axwell Remode).VST used : Cakewalk Rapture . Preset : Classic Chicago Stack